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Hey there! We're Paul & Morgan and we risk giving TMI (too much information) to help you Navigate DMI (Dating, Marriage & Intimacy)! 

Have Hope & Be Free

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Paul and Morgan have been married since 2016. They welcomed their first son into the world in September, 2022, after 5 years of struggling with infertility. They live in Lexington, Kentucky and have been full-time YouTubers since 2019. They started their channel in 2016, a few short months after getting married and have pursued it ever since.

They love getting to entertain and connect with thousands on a regular basis through their content, while always striving to glorify God in what they share. They are known for being on the more controversial side of things as they do not sugar coat their Biblical beliefs and stand firm on God's truth.  Their hope is that through their content they can encourage other's to also stand firm on God's truth, especially when the world seems to continue down a path that no longer knows what truth is. 

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