Have Hope & Be Free

Paul and Morgan are stirring up a generation of people to have hope and be free in Christ, one video at a time, speaking on culture and social issues from a Christian Perspective!



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Morgan's, "Peace In Pregnancy" Downloadable PDF

Peace In Pregnancy is a 21 page printable PDF filled with words of encouragement, Bible verses, and more for any woman on a journey to and through pregnancy, labor and delivery. I have also included a 5 page letter to give you a little better understanding as to why I made this and why I believe it will encourage you! 


With all of the information out there in our world, all of the things we're told to do to prepare for our baby coming into this world, things can easily become overwhelming and scary and it's easy to lose our peace! I hope that this "pamphlet" will not only encourage you to hold onto your peace in Christ but also ground you in the midst of the preparation and remind you that you were made to do this!